Surreal Humanity

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Mario Canali

Born in Monza, Milan, Italy
Began his artistic career in 1975, devoting the first ten years to painting
In 1985, he turned his attention to electronic and digital art and is considered a pioneer in the field
Recognized as a forerunner in the development of interactive installations and his immersive virtual reality system (Satori 1992)

Traditional arts are bridged by technology in the work of artist Mario Canali.  Since 1994 Canali has produced interactive installations capable of sensing and commutating psychophysical parameters into lights, sound, images and video. 2010 marked the artist’s return to traditional painting techniques.  His settlement to Los Angeles is tacitly referenced in the artist’s latest body of surrealist paintings.

Alexandra Dillon 

Alexandra Dillon paints a surrealistic bestiary, resonant with the influence of Pieter Breugel’s fallen angels and Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits. After receiving her BA in film from UCLA, Dillon returned to her life-long passion for painting.  She studied classical realism at Studio Cecil Graves in Florence, Italy, then lived and painted in New Orleans, LA, finally settling in Venice, CA. 

Alexandra Dillon’s love of old master painting, folk art, and myth inspire her recent body of surrealist work.  Currently, she lives and works in Santa Monica, CA

Brad R. Nelson

Brad R. Nelson was born in 1974 in Pocatello, Idaho.  His work is influenced by his interest in the natural world and the interaction of humanity and the rest of the animal kingdom.  His sculptural work consists of ceramic figures using realistic imagery with surrealist and modernist tendencies.  He alters the human form as a subject while keeping the figure relatable to the human condition.  Featured for their first time in Los Angeles, The Loft at Liz’s presents Nelson’s series entitled “Pets”.

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