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Artist Biography

Tim grew up in California’s central valley. He was always taking every possible art class in school, with an interest in drawing people… fashion, beauty, faces, hands & bodies.  It was those after-school afternoons visiting his mother at her beauty salon looking at the photographs in beauty and fashion magazines that inspired him to take a basic black and white photography class. He borrowed his grandfather’s Exacta 35mm camera with Carl Zeiss lenses. Quite a powerful little package, with it he was able to photograph people to have an image to draw and paint from. He didn’t know it but he was developing his style.

After high school he wanted adventure and found himself in the U.S. Navy taking part in the gulf war. He drew and painted commissions for crew members of their families back home earning extra money.

After traveling the world with the Navy having many experiences with life and very sudden death, he decided that he would listen to his heart always and never look back with regret.  He is an artist, and that is his path – which led him back home to California where he worked at the local camera store to put himself through college to get his degree.

Through that early success the opportunity to have a one-month exhibition of his fine art paintings at a restaurant in Malibu came about. That turned into a 2 1/2 year show which catapulted his art career with commissions and gallery showings around the world.

With commissions from the United States, to Moscow, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and London, Tim’s career as an artist continues to grow with gallery showings of his work continuing worldwide.

Tim lives in Los Angeles, California and works from his studio in N. Hollywood.

Current Exhibit: About Face

Tim’s current fine art series of paintings is entitled “Mosaicos”.
This series is featured, in part, for our exhibit, “About Face – A New Perspective on Photographic Portraiture”.

Rich in texture, “Mosaicos” are mixed media paintings created in oils, embellished with precious stones, pearls, gold leaf, sterling silver, copper, bronze, Italian travertine stone, glass, and ceramic, creating totally unique 2 1/2 dimensional works of art.

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